Transposing Scores

To transpose a score, make sure the score is loaded on the right-hand side of the viewer. Select Tools > Transpose from the Menu Bar.


Alternatively you can use the transposition button in the Playback Toolbar – Transposition / Instrumentation, or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T.

A window will open giving you the option to transpose the score.


Clicking the arrow next to the first dropdown list gives you the following options for transposing the score:

  • To the following key
  • For a transposing instrument (sound will not change)
  • By interval
  • Change to the following clef

Select Up or Down and decide whether to transpose all staves or a range of staff numbers.

Click OK to transpose the score. Click Reload to revert to the original score key (the key of the score as originally purchased or downloaded).

Note: You cannot save the score in a different key. All transposition settings will be lost when you close the score (the score will revert to the original key), but can be reapplied an unlimited number of times.

Note: In order to print a score that you have transposed into a key that is different from the default or original key in which the score is set at purchase, transpose the score, and then print the score. Be sure you have chosen the correct key.

Note: If you bought only one print right, you will only be able to print a single copy.