Accompaniment - Items tagged as "2 horns in f/4 trb./bass trb./tuba/drums/piano"

View all (Mezzo) Soprano/Piano 1 Instrument/Piano 2 Cellos/Piano 2 Flutes/Piano 2 Horns in F/4 Trb./Bass Trb./Tuba/Drums/Piano 2 Sopranos/Piano/Organ 3 Violins/Piano A Clarinet/Cello/Piano Alto or Bass Solo/Choir/Piano Alto or Bass Solo/Violin/Piano Alto or Bass/Piano Alto or Bass/Piano or Harmonium Alto or Bass/Violin or Cello/Piano Alto or C Melody Sax/Piano Alto or C Melody Saxophone/Piano Alto Sax/Piano Alto Saxophone/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Alto Saxophone/Piano Alto Saxophone/Piano/Double Bass Alto Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Alto/Baritone/Piano Alto/Piano B-flat Clarinet or Saxophone/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Percussion/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Piano/Frequency B-flat Clarinet/Viola/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Percussion/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Piano B-flat Cornet/Piano B-flat Instrument/Piano B-flat or E-flat Instrument/Piano with Lyrics B-flat Trumpet/E-flat Saxophone/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Balalaika/C Trumpet/Piano Baritone Saxophone/Piano Baritone Solo/Choir/Piano Baritone Vocal/Piano Baritone/Chorus/Piano Baritone/Flute/Cello/Bass Clarinet/Piano Baritone/Male Choir/Piano Baritone/Organ or Piano Baritone/Piano Bass Clarinet/Piano Bass or Alto/Piano Bass Solo and Piano Bass Trombone/Piano Bass Vocal/Piano Bass/Oboe d'amore/Piano or Organ Bass/Piano Bass/Piano or Organ Basset Horn or Clarinet/Piano Bassoon or Alto Saxophone/Piano Bassoon or Tenor Saxophone/Piano Bassoon/Piano C C Instrument/Piano C Melody Sax/Piano C or B-flat Trumpet/Piano C Trumpet/Alto Saxophone/Piano C Trumpet/Piano Cello or Bassoon/Piano Cello/Continuo/Piano Cello/Piano Children and Youth Choir/Percussion/any Melody Instrument/Piano Children and Youth Choir/Piano Children and Youth or Female Choir/Piano Children Voice/Piano Children's Choir/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Tambourine/Piano Children's Choir/Tambourine/Piano Choir/Flute/Piano Choir/Piano Choir/Piano or Harp Choir/Piano or Organ Choir/Piano/Organ Clarinet 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Saxophone 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Trumpet 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Trumpet4 /Trombone 4/Piano Clarinet 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Saxophone 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Trombone 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet/Basset Horn/Piano Clarinet/Bassoon/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Horn/Piano Clarinet/Piano Clarinet/Viola/Piano Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Vocal/Piano Cornet or Trombone/Piano Cornet or Trumpet/Piano Cornet/Piano Double Bass/Piano Double Chorus/Piano E-flat Saxophone/Piano Eight-part Mixed Chorus/Piano English Horn/Piano Euphonium Duet/Piano Euphonium or Trombone/Piano Euphonium/Piano Euphonium/Piano or Organ Euphonium/Tuba Solo with Piano Euphonium/Tuba/Piano Female Chorus/B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano Female Chorus/Narrator/Piano Female Chorus/Organ/Piano Female Chorus/Piano Female Voices/Piano Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Piano Flute or Oboe or Clarinet or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Flute or Recorder/Piano Flute or Violin or Viola/Piano Flute or Violin/Cello/Harpsichord or Piano Flute or Violin/Piano Flute/A Clarinet/Piano Flute/Alto Saxophone/F Horn/ Double Bass/Piano Flute/Alto Saxophone/Piano Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Percussion/Piano/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/Bassoon/Piano Flute/Cello/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano Flute/Continuo/Piano Flute/Harp/Piano Flute/Harpsichord or Piano Flute/Horn/Piano Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/Oboe/Piano Flute/Oboe/Viola/Cello/Glass Harmonica or Piano Flute/Piano Flute/Piano or Harp Flute/Piano/Cello Flute/String Trio/Piano Flute/Viola or Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/Piano Flute/Violin/Continuo/Piano Flute/Violin/Harpsichord or Piano Flute/Violin/Piano Flute/Violin/Piano/Continuo Flute/Violin/Piano/Strings Flute/Violin/Viola/Piano Four Hands Four Violins/Piano/Continuo Four-part Female Chorus/Piano Four-part Male Chorus/Piano Four-part Mixed Chorus/Lute/Piano Four-part Mixed Chorus/Piano French Horn/Piano Guitar/Piano Guitar/Violin/Piano Harp/Piano Horn or Cello/Piano Horn/Piano Low Voice/Piano Male Chorus/Piano Mandolin/Piano Marimba/Piano Medium or Low Voice/Piano Mezzo-soprano/Piano Mixed Choir/Piano Mixed Chorus/Piano not transposable not-transposable Oboe or Clarinet/Piano Oboe or Soprano Saxophone/Piano Oboe or Violin/Piano Oboe/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Oboe/Piano Oboe/Piano/Continuo Oboe/Prepared Piano/Frequency Pipe/Piano Recorder or Violin or Flute or Oboe/Piano Recorder/Piano SATB Choir/Piano SATB Choir/Piano/Chords SATB/Piano Sax/Piano Saxophone 4/Piano Saxophone 5/Piano Saxophone/Piano SEARCHANISE_IGNORE Soli/SATB/Piano Solo/SATB/Piano Soprano or Alto Recorder/Piano Soprano or Alto Recorder/Piano/Cello Soprano or Tenor /Piano Soprano or Tenor/ Violin/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Piano or Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Violin/Cello/Piano Soprano Saxophone/Piano Soprano Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano/Alto Recorder/Piano/Cello Soprano/Alto/Piano Soprano/Alto/Recorder/Violin/Female Choir/Piano or Lute Soprano/Baritone/Narrator/Piano Soprano/Baritone/Piano Soprano/Bass/Piano Soprano/Clarinet/Piano Soprano/Male Choir/Piano Soprano/Piano Soprano/Piano (reduction) Soprano/Piano/Organ Soprano/Piano/Percussion Soprano/SAATBB Chorus/Piano Soprano/SATB/Piano Soprano/Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano/Tenor/Piano Soprano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piano SSA/Piano or Organ/Strings (ad lib.) SSAA Female Chorus/Piano SSAATTBB Choir/Piano SSTTBB/Piano STB Choir/Violin/Cello/Piano String Quartet/Piano Strings/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Soprano/Flute or Piccolo/Violin/Bassoon/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Tenor or Baritone/Violin/Flute/F Basset Horn/Piano Tenor or Soprano/Piano Tenor Sax/Piano Tenor Sax/Piano/Organ/Chords Tenor Saxophone or Basset Horn/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Piano Tenor/Baritone/Cello/Piano Tenor/Bass/ATB Choir/Organ or Piano Tenor/Bass/Piano Tenor/Cello/Piano Tenor/Female Chorus/Piano Tenor/Flute/Piano or Organ Tenor/Piano Three Voices/Piano Three Women's Voices/Piano Three-part Male Chorus/Piano Three-part Mixed Chorus/Piano Timpani/Piano transposable Transverse Flute or Flute/Harpsichord or Piano Triple Choir/Piano Trombone 4/Piano Trombone 5/Piano Trombone or Baritone/Piano Trombone or Euphonium/Piano Trombone or Tenor Saxophone or Bass Clarinet/Piano Trombone Quartet/Piano Trombone/Organ or Piano Trombone/Piano Trombone/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet 4/Piano Trumpet 4/Saxophone 4/Piano Trumpet 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Saxophone 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Trombone 5/Piano Trumpet Duet/Piano Trumpet or Cornet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet or Oboe/Piano Trumpet Trio/Piano Trumpet/Piano Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Electric Bass Trumpet/Trombone/Piano TTB Male Chorus/Piano or Harp TTBB Choir/Piano TTBB Chorus/Piano TTBB/Piano Tuba/Piano Tuba/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Two Euphoniums/Piano Two Flutes/Piano Two Piccolos/Piano Two Recorders/Piano Two Sopranos/Alto/Piano Two Sopranos/Piano Two Violins/Piano Two Voices/Piano Two-part Chorus/Piano Vibraphone/Piano Viola da Gamba/Piano Viola or Violin/Piano Viola/Piano Viola/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord or Harp Violin or Cello/Piano Violin or Cello/Piano/Harmonium or Organ/ Cello II Ad. Lib. Violin or Flute/Cello/Piano Violin or Flute/Piano Violin/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Violin/Cello/Piano Violin/Clarinet/Piano Violin/Horn/Piano Violin/Piano Violin/Piano or Organ Violin/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Violin/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord or Harp Violin/Piano/Orchestra Violin/Piano/Suspended Cymbal Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass/Piano Violin/Viola/Piano Vocal Duet/Piano Vocal or Choir/Piano or Organ Voice/Flute/Clarinet/Strings/Piano Voice/Guitar or Piano Voice/Male Choir/Piano Voice/Piano Voice/Piano or Organ Voice/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Voice/Piano Trio Voice/Piano/Continuo Voice/String Quartet (opt.)/Piano Wind Quartet/Piano Xylophone/Piano