Cimarron Music - Items tagged as "Brass quintet"

View all 2 Trombones 2 Tubas 3 Flutes/Bassoon or Cello 3 Trumpets/2 Horns/3 Trombones/Euphonium/Tuba 3 Trumpets/3 Trombones/ Euphonium/Tuba 7 Flutes/Piccolo Alto Saxophone / Brass Quintet Alto Saxophone/Piano Baritone Sax/Piano Bass Clarinet/Piano Bass Trombone Bass Trombone/Piano Bassoon or Euphonium/Wind Ensemble Bassoon Quartet Bassoon Solo Bassoon Trio Bassoon/Piano Bassoon/Tuba Duet Brass Choir Brass Duet Brass Ensemble Brass Quartet Brass Quintet Brass Sextet Brass Trio Clarinet Choir Clarinet Quartet Clarinet Trio Clarinet/Piano Concert Band Cornet/Piano Double Brass Quintet Double Reed Quartet Double Reed Trio Duet/Piano English Horn/Viola/Tuba Euphonium Euphonium / Tuba duet with Woodwind Ensemble Euphonium Duet Euphonium Duet/Piano Euphonium Ensemble Euphonium or Trombone Duet Euphonium or Trombone/Piano Euphonium Quartet Euphonium Solo Euphonium Solo with Piano Euphonium Solo with Tuba Quartet Euphonium Solo/Brass Quintet Euphonium Trio Euphonium/Piano Euphonium/Trombone Duet Euphonium/Trombone Studies Euphonium/Tuba Euphonium/Tuba Duet Euphonium/Tuba Solo with Piano Euphonium/Tuba Trio Euphonium/Tuba/Piano Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Piano Flute Flute & Chamber Ensemble Flute and Trumpet Flute Duet Flute Ensemble Flute Quartet Flute Solo Flute Trio Flute/Bassoon Flute/Horn/Piano Flute/Percussion/Narrator Flute/Piano Flute/Tuba Horn Horn Duet Horn Ensemble Horn in F/Piano Horn Octet Horn Quartet Horn Studies Horn Trio Horn/Piano Low Brass Duet Low Brass Trio Low Brass/Piano Mandolin/Tuba not transposable not-transposable Oboe and Bassoon Oboe/Piano Piano Piano Solo Piccolo/Piano Saxophone Ensemble Saxophone Quartet Saxophone Trio SEARCHANISE_IGNORE Solo Saxophone Solo Trombone Solo Tuba Solo Tuba or Euphonium Solo Tuba/Tuba Quartet String Quartet Trio Trombone Trombone Choir Trombone Duet Trombone Ensemble Trombone Octet Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet/Piano Trombone Solo Trombone Trio Trombone/Euphonium Duet with Piano Trombone/Piano Trombone/Tuba Duet with Piano Trumpet Duet Trumpet Duet/Piano Trumpet Ensemble Trumpet or Euphonium & Tuba Trumpet Quartet Trumpet Sextet Trumpet Solo Trumpet Solo with Brass Quintet Trumpet Studies Trumpet Trio Trumpet/Chamber Orchestra Trumpet/Double Wind Quintet/Bass Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Brass Band Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Concert Band Trumpet/Organ Trumpet/Piano Tuba Tuba and Orchestra Tuba and Piano Tuba Duet Tuba Ensemble Tuba Method Tuba or Euphonium Solo Tuba Quartet Tuba Quartet with optional Chimes Tuba Quartet with optional Drums Tuba Quartet/Piano/Drums Tuba Solo Tuba Solo with Brass Choir Tuba Studies Tuba Trio Tuba/Organ Tuba/Piano Two Euphoniums/Piano Two Flutes/Piano Wind Ensemble Wind Trio Woodwind Ensemble Woodwind Ensemble/Harpsichord Woodwind Quartet Woodwind Quintet Woodwind Trio Woodwind Trio/Piano
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