View all 2 Flutes 2 Flutes or Oboes or Violins 2 Horns 2 Oboes 2 Oboes/2 Bassoons/2 Horns 2 Oboes/2 Clarinets/2 Bassoons/2 Horns 2 Oboes/2 Horns/Strings 2 Oboes/4 Violins/Timpani/Piano 2 Oboes/Bassoon/Continuo 2 Oboes/Cello/Continuo 2 Oboes/Continuo 2 Oboes/English Horn 2 Oboes/English Horn/2 Bassoons 2 Recorders or Flutes or Oboes or Violins 2 Violins 3 Oboes 4 Flutes or4 Oboes or 4 Recorders 4 Oboes Alto Bass Bassoon Clarinet or Saxophone Continuo Female Chorus/Oboe/Strings Flute Flute Duet or Oboe Duet Flute or Oboe Flute or Oboe Duet Flute or Oboe or Clarinet or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe or Clarinet/Continuo Flute or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute or Oboe or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Flute or Oboe/Continuo Flute or Oboe/Organ Flute or Oboe/Violin/Continuo Flute or Recorder or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute/Oboe Flute/Oboe or Clarinet/Piano/Violin/Cello Flute/Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/Oboe/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Trumpet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Piano Flute/Oboe/Viola/Cello/Glass Harmonica or Piano Flute/Oboe/Violin/Viola/Cello not transposable Oboe Oboe and ( Soprano and ( Organ and Continuo )) Oboe and Orchestra Oboe and Piano or Organ Oboe da caccia (English Horn) and Piano or Organ Oboe Duo Oboe Duo/English Horn Oboe Duo/English Horn/BassoonDuo or Trio Oboe or C Clarinet/C Clarinet/Bassoon or Bass Clarinet Oboe or Clarinet/Clarinet/Basoon or Bass Clarinet Oboe or Clarinet/Piano Oboe or English Horn/Crystal Glasses/B-Flat Clarinet or E-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Tambourine Oboe or Flute and Piano or Organ Oboe or Soprano Saxophone/Piano Oboe or Violin and Piano or Organ Oboe or Violin/Continuo Oboe or Violin/Piano Oboe Quartet Oboe Studies Oboe/B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon Oboe/Bass Clarinet/Horn Oboe/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Bassoon/String Ensemble Oboe/Cello/Bass/Harp Oboe/Cello/Harp Oboe/Cello/Piano Oboe/Chamber Orchestra Oboe/Clarinet Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Oboe/Clarinet/French Horn/Percussion/String Quartet Oboe/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Double Bass Oboe/Continuo Oboe/English Horn/Bassoon Oboe/Guitar Oboe/Harp/Harpsichord/Violin/Cello/Double Bass Oboe/Harp/Organ Oboe/Opt. Bassoon Oboe/Organ Oboe/Piano Oboe/Piano/Continuo Oboe/Prepared Piano/Frequency Oboe/Strings Oboe/Timpani Oboe/Viola Oboe/Viola/Bass Clarinet/Harp Recorder or Flute or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Recorder or Flute or Oboe/2 Violins/Continuo Recorder or Violin or Flute or Oboe/Piano Recorder/Oboe or Flute or Violin/Continuo Recorder/Oboe or Violin/Continuo Recorder/Recorder or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Soprano Soprano or Tenor/Oboe Soprano Solo/Choir/Oboe/Organ Soprano/Oboe/Horn/Two Violins/Viola/Continuo String Quartet with Optional Flute/Oboe Strings Strings and 2 Oboe and Bassoon Strings and Continuo Strings/Oboe/Harpsichord/Piano Tenor transposable Trumpet or Oboe/Piano Two Oboes and Piano or Organ Violin and Piano or Organ Violin or Oboe/Bassoon or Cello/Continuo Violin/Oboe/Continuo Violin/Viola/Oboe/Clarinet/Double Bass Wind Quartet (oboe/Clarinet/French Horn/Bassoon)
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