Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia

View all 1 Instrument/Continuo 1 Piano 12 Cellos 12 Saxophones 2 B-flat Saxophones 2 Basses/Continuo 2 C/B-flat Trumpets/Trombone/Tuba 2 Cellos 2 Cellos/Orchestra 2 Cellos/Piano 2 Clarinets 2 Clarinets or 2 Saxophones 2 E-flat Saxophones 2 Flutes 2 Flutes/2 A Clarinets/Bassoon 2 Flutes/Bassoon 2 Flutes/Piano 2 Harps 2 Mandolins or Violins/Mandola or Cello/Guitar 2 Mandolins/Mandola/Guitar 2 Oboes/2 Horns/Strings 2 Pianos 2 Recorders 2 Sopranos or 2 Tenors/Bass/Continuo 2 Sopranos or 2 Tenors/Continuo 2 Sopranos/Bass/Continuo 2 Sopranos/Bass/Lute 2 Tenors/Bass/Continuo 2 Tenors/Continuo 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones/Organ 2 Trumpets/Organ 2 Violins 2 Violins/2 Violas/Cello 2 Violins/Double Bass 2 Voices/Guitar 2 Voices/Organ 3 Clarinets 3 Clarinets in B-flat 3 Flutes 3 Guitars 3 Oboes 3 Recorders 3 Sopranos or 3 Tenors/Continuo 3 Tenors/Continuo 3 Trombones 3 Trombones/Bass Tuba 3-part Female or Male Choir 4 Bassoons 4 Cellos 4 Cellos/Orchestra 4 Clarinets 4 Flutes 4 Flutes or4 Oboes or 4 Recorders 4 Guitars 4 Hands 4 Harps 4 Horns 4 Recorders 4 Trombones 4 Trombones/Bass Tuba 4-part Female or Male Choir 5 Clarinets 5 Clarinets in B-flat 5 Guitars 5 Marimbaphones 6 Flutes/Percussion 6 Hands 6 Trombones/Bass Tuba 8 Cellos 8 Hands A Clarinet/Cello/Piano Alto Flute/Double Bass Alto or Bass/Organ or Harmonium Alto or Bass/Piano or Harmonium Alto Saxophone Solo Alto Saxophone/Accordion Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone or Bass Clarinet Alto Saxophone/Harp/Percussion Alto Saxophone/Orchestra Alto Saxophone/Piano Alto Saxophone/Piano/Double Bass Alto Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Alto/Bassoon Alto/English Horn or Viola Alto/Flute/English Horn Alto/String Ensemble Alto/Tenor/Bass/Organ Assorted Instruments ATTB Choir B-flat Bass Clarinet B-flat Bass Clarinet/Harp B-flat Clarinet B-flat Clarinet or Saxophone/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Cello/Accordion B-flat Clarinet/Harp B-flat Clarinet/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Piano/Frequency B-flat Clarinet/Viola/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Cello B-flat Trumpet/2 B-flat Clarinets/2 Bassoons Balalaika/C Trumpet/Piano Baritone or Bass Solo/Choir Baritone Saxophone Baritone Saxophone/Piano Baritone Solo/Choir/Ensemble Baritone Solo/Choir/Organ Baritone/Flute/Cello/Bass Clarinet/Piano Baritone/Male Choir/Piano Baritone/Organ Baritone/Organ or Piano Baritone/Piano Bass Clarinet Bass Solo/Choir Bass Solo/Choir/Organ Bass Tuba/Ensemble Bass/2 Violins/Organ Bass/Choir/Organ/Strings Bass/Continuo Bass/Orchestra Bass/Organ Bass/Piano or Organ Bassoon Bassoon or Alto Saxophone/Piano Bassoon or Tenor Saxophone/Piano Bassoon/Harp Bassoon/Piano Bassoon/Strings Brass Ensemble Brass Quartet Brass Quartet/Organ Brass Quartet/Organ/Percussion/Narrator Brass Quintet Brass Quintet/Timpani/Organ C Trumpet/Alto Saxophone/Piano C Trumpet/Organ C Trumpet/Violin/Organ Cello Cello or Bassoon/Piano Cello/Harp Cello/Piano Children and Youth Choir Children and Youth or Female Choir/Piano Children's Choir Children's Choir/Cello Children's Choir/Flute/Percussion Children's Choir/Percussion Children's Choir/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Tambourine/Piano Children's Choir/Tambourine/Piano Choir Choir or Children's Choir Choir/2 Violins/Continuo Choir/Brass Quartet Choir/Brass Quintet/Bells Choir/Cello Choir/Ensemble Choir/Guitar Choir/Instruments Choir/Lute Choir/Orchestra Choir/Organ Choir/Organ or Harmonium Choir/Organ/Strings Choir/Piano Choir/Piano or Harp Choir/Piano or Organ Choir/Piccolo/Percussion/Organ/Guitar Choir/String Quintet Choir/strings Clarinet Ensemble Clarinet Solo Clarinet/2 Violins/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Clarinet/Basset Horn/Piano Clarinet/Bassoon Clarinet/Bassoon/Horn Clarinet/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Horn/Piano Clarinet/Piano Clarinet/Strings Clarinet/Viola/Piano Double Bass Double Bass Solo/String Ensemble Double Bass/Organ or Harmonium Double Bass/Piano Double Choir Double Choir/Organ Easy Piano Easy Piano/Vocal English Horn/Harp/Strings English Horn/Percussion English Horn/Piano English Horn/String Quartet English Horn/Strings English Horn/Vibraphone/Harp Ensemble F Horn F Horn/Organ Female Chorus Female Chorus/2 Saxophones/Piano 4 Hands Female Chorus/Oboe/Strings Female Chorus/Organ Female Chorus/Piano Female Chorus/Strings Female Chorus/Strings/Organ Female or Male Choir Female Voices/Piano Five-part Mixed Chorus Five-part Mixed Chorus or Vocal Quintet Five-part Mixed Chorus/Harpsichord Flute Flute Ensemble Flute or Alto Flute Flute or Violin/Guitar Flute or Violin/Piano Flute/Alto Flute/Frequency Flute/Alto Saxophone/F Horn/ Double Bass/Piano Flute/Alto Saxophone/Piano Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Percussion/Piano/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Strings Flute/Bassoon Flute/Bassoon/Piano Flute/Cello/Harp Flute/Cello/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon/Horn/Tuba Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Flute/Clarinet/Horn Flute/Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano Flute/Double Bass Flute/English Horn/Guitar Flute/Guitar Flute/Harp Flute/Harp/Cello Flute/Oboe Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet Flute/Oboe/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Trumpet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Violin/Viola/Cello Flute/Organ Flute/Piano Flute/String Quartet Flute/String Trio/Piano Flute/Trumpet/Trombone/Harp/Celesta/Violin/Cello Flute/Viola Flute/Viola or Cello/Harp Flute/Viola or Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/DoubleBass Flute/Viola/Harp Flute/Viola/Piano Flute/Violin/Cello Flute/Violin/Viola/Cello/Harp Four Flutes Four Hands Four Trombones Guitar Guitar Duo Guitar/Orchestra Guitar/String Ensemble Guitar/Strings Guitar/Violin/Viola/Cello Harp Solo Harp/Orchestra Harp/Organ Harp/Piano Harp/Strings Harp/Wind Quintet Harpsichord/Guitar Horn Horn/Organ Horn/Piano Horn/Strings Horn/Viola Keyboard Male Choir Male Chorus/Cello Male Chorus/Harp/Harmonium or Organ Male Chorus/Organ Male Chorus/Piano Male or Female Chorus Mandolin/Guitar/Percussion Marimba Mezzo-soprano or Baritone Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Flute Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Flute or Cello/Piano Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Guitar Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Piano Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Piano or Organ Mezzo-soprano/Cello Mezzo-soprano/Flute Mezzo-soprano/Flute/Dancer Mezzo-soprano/Guitar Mezzo-soprano/Piano Mezzo-soprano/Piano or Organ Mezzo-soprano/TTBasrB Male Chorus/Viola/Organ Narrator/Ensemble not transposable not-transposable Oboe Oboe Duo Oboe or C Clarinet/C Clarinet/Bassoon or Bass Clarinet Oboe or English Horn/Crystal Glasses/B-Flat Clarinet or E-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Tambourine Oboe/Bass Clarinet/Horn Oboe/Bassoon/String Ensemble Oboe/Clarinet Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Double Bass Oboe/English Horn/Bassoon Oboe/Guitar Oboe/Harp/Organ Oboe/Organ Oboe/Piano Oboe/Prepared Piano/Frequency Oboe/Timpani Oboe/Viola Oboe/Viola/Bass Clarinet/Harp Orchestra Organ Organ or Harmonium Organ or Harpsichord Organ Solo Organ/Orchestra Organ/String Ensemble Percussion Quartet Piano Piano or Celeste Piano Quintet Piano Solo Piano with Lyrics Piano/Piano Reduction Piano/String Orchestra PianoTrio Piccolo Flute/Frequency Piccolo Flute/G Flute/Bass Trombone Preface Recorder SAA Female Chorus SAATB Choir SAATB or SATTB Choir SAATBB Choir SAATTB Choir SABarMTB Choir SAT or SAA Choir SATB Choir SATB Choir/Strings SATB Quartet SATB Quartet/Harp SATBB Choir SATTB Choir SATTBarB Choir Saxophone or Clarinet Quartet Saxophone Quartet Saxophone Quintet Saxophone Sextet Saxophone Trio Saxophone/Piano School Orchestra School Orchestra/Children's Choir Small Orchestra SMATB Choir SMATBarB Choir SMTBar Quartet/Piano Soli/Choir/Orchestra Soli/SATB/Orchestra Soli/SATB/Piano Soli/TBarB Male Chorus/Organ Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Flute/Organ Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Organ Soprano Soprano or Alto/Guitar Soprano or Mezzo-soprano/Mezzo-soprano or Alto/Piano Soprano or Mezzo-soprano/Mezzo-soprano/Baritone/B-flat Trumpet Soprano or Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Orchestra Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Guitar Soprano or Tenor/Oboe Soprano or Tenor/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Piano or Organ Soprano or Tenor/Recorder Soprano or Tenor/Strings/Chime Soprano or Tenor/Violin/Cello/Piano Soprano Saxophone/Piano Soprano Solo/Choir Soprano Solo/Choir/Oboe/Organ Soprano Solo/Choir/Organ Soprano Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano Solo/Female Choir/Children and Youth Choir/ Horn or Flugelhorn/Harp Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Female Chorus/Lute/Hurdy-Gurdy/Percussion Soprano/6 to 12 Cellos Soprano/Alto/Choir Soprano/Alto/Recorder/Violin/Female Choir/Piano or Lute Soprano/Baritone/Narrator/Chamber Orchestra Soprano/Baritone/Narrator/Piano Soprano/Bass/Continuo Soprano/Choir/Accordion or Organ Soprano/Choir/Percussion Soprano/Clarinet/Piano Soprano/English Horn Soprano/Harp Soprano/Male Choir/Chamber Orchestra Soprano/Male Choir/Piano Soprano/Mezzo-soprano/ Tenor/Orchestra Soprano/Organ Soprano/Piano Soprano/Piano (reduction) Soprano/Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano/Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Choir Soprano/Trumpet/Organ Soprano/Viola/Cello Soprano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piano SSA Female Chorus SSA Female Chorus/Harp SSAA Female Chorus SSAATTBB Choir SSAATTBB Choir/Piano String Ensemble String Orchestra String Orchestra or Quartet String Quartet String Quartet/Piano String Trio Strings/Percussion TBarB Male Chorus Tenor or Baritone/Soprano/Flute or Piccolo/Violin/Bassoon/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Tenor or Baritone/Violin/Flute/F Basset Horn/Piano Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone or Basset Horn/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Piano Tenor Solo/Children's Choir/Chamber Orchestra Tenor Solo/Choir Tenor Solo/Male Chorus Tenor/Baritone/Cello/Piano Tenor/Baritone/TTB Male Choir/Organ Tenor/Bass/ATB Choir/Organ or Piano Tenor/Bass/ATTB Chorus/Orchestra Tenor/Bass/Continuo Tenor/Cello/Piano Tenor/Choir Tenor/Female Chorus/Piano Tenor/Flute/Orchestra Tenor/Organ Tenor/Piano Three Guitars Three-part Female Chorus Timpani Timpani/Frequency Trombone Trombone or Tenor Saxophone or Bass Clarinet/Piano Trombone/Organ or Piano Trombone/Piano Trumpet or Flute or Violin/2 Guitars Trumpet/Frequency Trumpet/Organ Trumpet/Piano TTB Male Chorus TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra TTB Male Chorus/Organ TTB Male Chorus/Piano or Harp TTBB Male Chorus Tuba/Piano Tuba/Tam Tam/Bass Drum Two Violins Two Violins/Piano Vibraphone Vibraphone/Cello/Strings Viola Viola d'Amore/Harpsichord Viola/Cello Viola/Guitar Viola/Harp Viola/Piano Violin Violin/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Violin/Cello Violin/Clarinet/Piano Violin/Guitar Violin/Harp Violin/Horn/Piano Violin/Organ Violin/Piano Violin/Viola Violin/Viola or Violin/Guitar Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass/Piano Violin/Viola/Harp Violin/Viola/Oboe/Clarinet/Double Bass Vocal or Choir/Piano or Organ Vocal Quintet or Chamber Choir (SMATBar) Vocals/Flute/Alto Flute/Percussion/Guitar Ensemble/Frequency Voice/Choir/Ensemble Voice/Choir/Organ Voice/Continuo Voice/Guitar Voice/Harp Voice/Lute or Organ Voice/Male Choir/Piano Voice/Organ Voice/Piano Voice/Piano or Organ Voices/Flutes/1 or more Guitars/Percussion/Freqency Wind Quartet Wind Quartet (oboe/Clarinet/French Horn/Bassoon) Wind Quartet/Piano Wind Quartet/Tape Wind Quintet Wind Quintet/Orchestra Wind Trio
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