Slayer Sheet Music

Thrash Metal, fast, aggressive, shredding guitars, double-bass drum and insane percussion, and controversial topics such as warfare, religion, and murder -- these are some of the elements that define Slayer’s musical style. Some of the controversial topics surrounding the band include Nazism and racism, Satanism and anti-Christianity, and terrorism. They have stated that they do not condone Nazism, nor are they Satanic, and claim only that they find interest in these topics, and that “we are all on this planet to learn and experience.” Their song “Jihad” tells an imagined story behind the 9-11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, from the perspective of one of the terrorists. It received very mixed critical reviews due to the subject matter. However, the band’s idea was simply to present an alternative perspective without being sympathetic to the cause. They had intended to create controversy, but didn’t anticipate the actual result, which was having their album recalled in some countries, and having their songs censored when performed on live television. They have stated that their music is parody, yet it seems to be so satirical that people take it seriously and literally. Regardless, Slayer has two Grammys under its belt, with 11 studio albums, a box set, two live albums, and six music videos.