View all 2 Tenors/Continuo 3 Flutes 3 Tenors/Continuo Alto/Tenor/Bass/Organ AT/Orchestra/Organ ATTB Choir Bass Bass and Choir Bass and Organ Bass and Piono Brass Quintet with Optional Organ/Opt. Handbell Choir/Opt. SATB Chorus Cello Cello and Piano or Organ Continuo Double Bass and Organ English Horn or Viola and Piano or Organ Flute and Piano or Organ Four Hands Four-part Mixed Chorus Harp not transposable Oboe and Piano or Organ Oboe d'amore and Piano or Organ Organ SAA Female Chorus SAATB Choir SAATB or SATTB Choir SAATBB Choir SAATTB Choir SABarMTB Choir SAT Choir SAT or SAA Choir SATB SATB Choir SATB Choir or Piano SATB Choir/Piano SATB Choir/Piano/Chords SATB Choir/Strings SATB Chorus SATB Chorus/Lute SATB Chorus/Organ SATB Chorus/Organ/Orchestra SATB Chorus/Two Pianos SATB or Piano/Vocal SATB Quartet SATB Quartet/Harp SATB/Orchestra/Soloists SATB/Piano SATBB Choir SATTB Choir SATTBarB Choir SMATB Choir SMATBarB Choir Soli/SATB/Orchestra Soli/SATB/Organ Soli/SATB/Piano Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Flute/Organ Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Organ Solo/SATB/Piano Soprano or Tenor /Piano Soprano or Tenor/ Violin/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano or Tenor/Choir Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Orchestra Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Guitar Soprano or Tenor/Oboe Soprano or Tenor/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Piano or Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Recorder Soprano or Tenor/Strings/Chime Soprano or Tenor/Violin/Cello/Piano Soprano Solo Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Female Chorus/Lute/Hurdy-Gurdy/Percussion Soprano/SAATBB Chorus/Piano Soprano/Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano/Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Bass/Orchestra Soprano/Tenor/Choir Soprano/Tenor/Orchestra Soprano/Tenor/Piano Soprano/Tenor/Strings/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Strings/Organ SSAATB Choir SSAATTBB Choir SSAATTBB Choir/Piano SSATTB Choir SSB and Three Basset Horns SSTT and Piano SSTTBB Choir SSTTBB Choir and Piano SSTTBB/Piano STB Choir STB Choir/Violin/Cello/Piano TB Choir and Organ (Piano) Tenor Tenor and ( Violins and ( Organ and Continuo )) Tenor and Organ (Piano) Tenor or Baritone/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Soprano/Flute or Piccolo/Violin/Bassoon/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Tenor or Baritone/Violin/Flute/F Basset Horn/Piano Tenor or Soprano/Piano Tenor Sax Solo Tenor Sax/Piano Tenor Sax/Piano/Organ/Chords Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone or Basset Horn/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Trombone/Rhythm Section Tenor Solo and Piano Tenor Solo/Children's Choir/Chamber Orchestra Tenor Solo/Choir Tenor Solo/Male Chorus Tenor Voice Tenor Voice and Organ (Piano) Tenor Voice and Piano Tenor/Baritone/Cello/Piano Tenor/Baritone/TTB Male Choir/Organ Tenor/Bass/ATB Choir/Organ or Piano Tenor/Bass/ATTB Chorus/Orchestra Tenor/Bass/Continuo Tenor/Bass/Piano Tenor/Bass/SATB Choir Tenor/Bass/Two Pianos Tenor/Cello/Piano Tenor/Choir Tenor/Female Chorus/Piano Tenor/Flute/Orchestra Tenor/Flute/Piano or Organ Tenor/Guitar/Bass Tenor/Orchestra Tenor/Organ Tenor/Piano Tenor/Two Basses/Orchestra Tenor/Two Pianos transposable TTB Choir and Piano TTB Male Chorus TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra TTB Male Chorus/Organ TTB Male Chorus/Piano or Harp TTBB Choir TTBB Choir and Four Horns TTBB Choir and Piano TTBB Choir/Piano TTBB Chorus/Piano TTBB Male Chorus TTBB/Piano Viola and Piano or Organ Violin and Piano or Organ Violin or Viola and Piano or Organ Vocal Quintet or Chamber Choir (SMATBar)
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