View all 1 to 4 Trumpets 2 C/B-flat Trumpets/Trombone/Tuba 2 Trumpets 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones/Organ 2 Trumpets/Organ 3 Trumpets and Organ 3 Trumpets/2 Horns/3 Trombones/Euphonium/Tuba 3 Trumpets/3 Trombones/ Euphonium/Tuba 4 Trumpets Alto B-flat Trumpet/2 B-flat Clarinets/2 Bassoons B-flat Trumpet/E-flat Saxophone/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Organ B-flat Trumpet/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Balalaika/C Trumpet/Piano C or B-flat Trumpet/Piano C Trumpet/Alto Saxophone/Piano C Trumpet/Organ C Trumpet/Piano C Trumpet/Violin/Organ Cello and Harpsichord Clarinet Clarinet 4/Trumpet 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Trumpet4 /Trombone 4/Piano Clarinet 5/Saxophone 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet/Two Trumpets/Violin/Viola/Cello Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Piano Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Vibraphone Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Trumpet/Bassoon Flute/Trumpet/Trombone/Harp/Celesta/Violin/Cello Flutes/Trumpets/Timpani Horn not transposable Organ with Optional Flute or Trumpet Organ with Optional Trumpet Piccolo Trumpet/Brass Ensemble Piccolo Trumpet/Harpsichord/Cello Six Trumpets Soprano/Trumpet/Organ String Quartet with Optional Trumpet transposable Trumpet Trumpet 4/Piano Trumpet 4/Saxophone 4/Piano Trumpet 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Saxophone 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Trombone 5/Piano Trumpet and Piano Trumpet and Piano or Organ Trumpet Choir Trumpet Duet Trumpet Duet and Piano Trumpet Duet/Piano Trumpet Octet Trumpet or Euphonium Duet Trumpet or Flute or Violin/2 Guitars Trumpet or Oboe/Piano Trumpet Quartet Trumpet Quintet Trumpet Septet Trumpet Sextet Trumpet Solo Trumpet Solo or Clarinet Solo Trumpet Solo with Brass Quintet Trumpet Studies Trumpet Trio Trumpet Trio/Piano Trumpet/Brass Band Trumpet/Chamber Orchestra Trumpet/Concert Band Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Brass Band Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Concert Band Trumpet/Frequency Trumpet/Harpsichord/Cello Trumpet/Horn/Trombone Trumpet/Organ Trumpet/Piano Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet/Strings/Harpsichord/Piano Trumpet/Tam-tam/Voice/Piano Trumpet/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Electric Bass Trumpet/Trombone/Piano Trumpet/Violin Two Trumpets in C and Organ Violin Violin/Trumpet/Double Bass
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