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View all (Mezzo) Soprano/Piano 1 Instrument/Continuo 1 Instrument/Piano 1 Piano 1 to 4 Trumpets 1 Trombone 1-2 Violins and Piano 12 Cellos 12 Saxophones 2 Alto (F) Recorders and Piano (Cello) 2 Alto Recorders 2 Alto Recorders/Continuo 2 Alto Saxophones 2 B-flat Clarinets 2 B-flat Saxophones 2 Basses/Continuo 2 Bassoons 2 Bassoons or 2 Cellos 2 C/B-flat Clarinets/Bassoon 2 C/B-flat Trumpets/Trombone/Tuba 2 Cellos 2 Cellos/Orchestra 2 Cellos/Piano 2 Clarinets 2 Clarinets in A/B-flat and Bass Clarinet 2 Clarinets or 2 Saxophones 2 Clarinets/ Bassoon 2 Clarinets/2 Bassoons/2 Horns 2 Clarinets/Accordion 2 E-flat Saxophones 2 Flutes 2 Flutes or ( 2 Violins and ( 2 Cellos or 2 Bassoons )) 2 Flutes or 2 Oboes or 2 Violins/Continuo 2 Flutes or 2 Violins 2 Flutes or 2 Violins/Continuo 2 Flutes or Oboes or Violins 2 Flutes or Violins 2 Flutes or Violins/Continuo 2 Flutes/2 A Clarinets/Bassoon 2 Flutes/Bassoon 2 Flutes/Cello/Continuo 2 Flutes/Piano 2 Flutes/Viola 2 Guitars 2 Guitars/Rhythm Guitar/Bass 2 Harps 2 Harpsichords 2 Horns 2 Horns in F 2 Horns in F/4 Trb./Bass Trb./Tuba/Drums/Piano 2 Horns/String Quartet 2 Horns/Strings 2 Instruments 2 Instruments/Continuo 2 Instruments/Rhythm Group 2 Mandolins or Violins/Mandola or Cello/Guitar 2 Mandolins/Mandola/Guitar 2 Marimbas 2 Marimbas or Vibraphones 2 Oboes 2 Oboes/2 Bassoons/2 Horns 2 Oboes/2 Clarinets/2 Bassoons/2 Horns 2 Oboes/2 Horns/Strings 2 Oboes/Bassoon/Continuo 2 Oboes/Cello/Continuo 2 Oboes/Continuo 2 Oboes/English Horn 2 Oboes/English Horn/2 Bassoons 2 Pedal Harps 2 Pianos 2 Recorders 2 Recorders or Flutes or Oboes or Violins 2 Recorders/Continuo 2 Saxophones 2 Sopranos and Organ 2 Sopranos or 2 Tenors/Bass/Continuo 2 Sopranos or 2 Tenors/Continuo 2 Sopranos/Bass/2 Clarinets/Basset Horn 2 Sopranos/Bass/Continuo 2 Sopranos/Bass/Lute 2 Sopranos/Piano/Organ 2 Tenor or Alto Saxophones/Guitar/Bass 2 Tenors/Bass/Continuo 2 Tenors/Continuo 2 treble recorders 2 treble recorders (flutes 2 Trombones 2 Trumpets 2 Trumpets and Strings 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones 2 Trumpets/2 Trombones/Organ 2 Trumpets/Organ 2 Tubas 2 Violas 2 Violas/Cello 2 Violins 2 Violins and Cello 2 Violins and Continuo 2 Violins and Piano 2 Violins/2 Violas/Cello 2 Violins/Continuo 2 Violins/Double Bass 2 Violins/String Orchestra 2 Voices 2 voices and piano 2 Voices/Guitar 2 Voices/Organ 2 Voilins and Continuo 3 Clarinets 3 Clarinets in B-flat 3 Female Voices 3 Flutes 3 Flutes/Bassoon or Cello 3 Guitars 3 Guitars/Wind Quintet 3 Instruments/Continuo 3 Marimbas/2 Percussions 3 Oboes 3 part vocal 3 Recorders 3 Sopranos or 3 Tenors/Continuo 3 Tenors/Continuo 3 Trombones 3 Trombones/Bass Tuba 3 Trumpets and Organ 3 Trumpets/2 Horns/3 Trombones/Euphonium/Tuba 3 Trumpets/3 Trombones/ Euphonium/Tuba 3 Violins 3 Violins/2 Violas/Continuo 3 Violins/Piano 3-part Female or Male Choir 4 B-flat Clarinets 4 Bassoons 4 Cellos 4 Cellos/Orchestra 4 Clarinets 4 Flutes 4 Flutes or4 Oboes or 4 Recorders 4 Guitars 4 Hands 4 Harps 4 Harpsichords and Strings 4 Horns 4 Oboes 4 Pianos 4 Recorders 4 recorders (SATB) 4 Recorders or Strings 4 Trombones 4 Trombones/Bass Tuba 4 Trumpets 4 Voice acapella 4-part Female or Male Choir 40 Recorders 5 Clarinets 5 Clarinets in B-flat 5 Guitars 5 Marimbaphones 6 Flutes/Percussion 6 Guitars 6 Hands 6 Pianos 6 Trombones/Bass Tuba 6 Viola 7 Flutes/Piccolo 8 Brass Quintets 8 Cellos 8 Hands A Basset Horn A Clarinet/Cello/Piano Accordion Accordion Orchestra Accordion Orchestra/Cello Accordion Orchestra/Electric Bass Accordion Solo Alto Alto and Orchestra Alto Clarinet Alto Clarinet Duet Alto Clef Instrumental Solo/Piano Alto Flute/Double Bass Alto Horn in Eb and piano Alto or Bass Solo/Choir/Piano Alto or Bass Solo/Violin/Piano Alto or Bass/Organ or Harmonium Alto or Bass/Piano Alto or Bass/Piano or Harmonium Alto or Bass/Violin or Cello/Piano Alto or C Melody Sax/Piano Alto or C Melody Saxophone/Piano Alto recorder Alto Recorder/Continuo Alto Recorder/Flute Alto Recorder/Guitar Alto Sax Alto Sax & Piano Alto Sax Duet Alto Sax in Eb and Piano Alto Sax Solo Alto Sax/Piano Alto Saxophone Alto Saxophone / Brass Quintet Alto Saxophone and Piano Alto Saxophone Solo Alto Saxophone/Accordion Alto Saxophone/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Alto Saxophone/Baritone Saxophone or Bass Clarinet Alto Saxophone/Harp/Percussion Alto Saxophone/Orchestra Alto Saxophone/Piano Alto Saxophone/Piano/Double Bass Alto Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Alto Solo and Piano Alto Voice and Piano Alto/Baritone/Piano Alto/Bassoon Alto/English Horn or Viola Alto/Flute/English Horn Alto/Piano Alto/String Ensemble Alto/Tenor/Bass/Organ and Bass Any Klezmer instrumentation Assorted Instruments AT/Orchestra/Organ ATTB Choir Autoharp/Vocal B-flat B-flat Bass Clarinet B-flat Bass Clarinet/Harp B-flat Clarinet B-flat Clarinet or Saxophone/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Cello/Accordion B-flat Clarinet/Ensemble B-flat Clarinet/F Basset Horn B-flat Clarinet/Harp B-flat Clarinet/Percussion/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Piano/Frequency B-flat Clarinet/Viola/Cello/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Percussion/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Piano B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Cello B-flat Cornet/Piano B-flat Instrument B-flat Instrument/Piano B-flat Instruments - Lead Sheet B-flat Lead Sheet B-flat or E-flat Instrument/Piano with Lyrics B-flat Trumpet/2 B-flat Clarinets/2 Bassoons B-flat Trumpet/E-flat Saxophone/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Organ B-flat Trumpet/Piano B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ B-flat Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Balalaika/C Trumpet/Piano Banjo Tab Banjo/Guitar Tab Banjo/Piano Barbershop Quartet Baritone BC/Piano Baritone or Bass and Piano Baritone or Bass Solo/Choir Baritone Sax Duet Baritone Sax/Piano Baritone Saxophone Baritone Saxophone/Piano Baritone Solo/Choir/Ensemble Baritone Solo/Choir/Organ Baritone Solo/Choir/Piano Baritone Vocal/Piano Baritone/Chorus/Piano Baritone/Flute/Cello/Bass Clarinet/Piano Baritone/Male Choir/Piano Baritone/Organ Baritone/Organ or Piano Baritone/Piano Bass Bass and Choir Bass and Organ Bass and Piano Bass and Piono Bass Clarinet Bass Clarinet/Piano Bass Clef Instrumental Solo/Piano Bass Duo Bass Guitar Bass or Alto/Piano Bass Solo and Piano Bass Solo/Choir Bass Solo/Choir/Organ Bass Tab Bass Tab/Vocal Bass Trio Bass Trombone Bass Trombone/Piano Bass Trombone/Strings Bass Tuba/Ensemble Bass Vocal/Orchestra Bass Vocal/Piano Bass Voice and Continuo Bass Voice and Organ (Piano) Bass/2 Violins/Organ Bass/Choir/Organ/Strings Bass/Continuo Bass/Oboe d'amore/Piano or Organ Bass/Orchestra Bass/Organ Bass/Piano Bass/Piano or Organ Basset Horn or Clarinet/Piano Basso Continuo Bassoon Bassoon / Piano Bassoon and Cello Bassoon and Continuo Bassoon and Orchestra Bassoon and Piano Bassoon or Alto Saxophone/Piano Bassoon or Cello/Continuo Bassoon or Euphonium/Wind Ensemble Bassoon or Tenor Saxophone/Piano Bassoon Quartet Bassoon Solo Bassoon Trio Bassoon/Harp Bassoon/Harpsichord Bassoon/Piano Bassoon/Strings Bassoon/Tuba Duet Bb Bass Clarinet/Piano Bb Clarinet Bb Clarinet and Piano Bb Clarinet/Piano Bb Cornet/Piano Bb Instrumen Bb Instrument Bb Instrument Solo Bb Instrumental Solo/Piano Bb Lead Sheet Bb Tenor Sax/Piano Bb Tenor Saxophone Bb Trumpet and Piano Bb Trumpet/Piano Beginning Band Beginning Concert Band Big Note Piano Big Note Piano/Vocal Book Book / MP3 Brass and Timpani Brass Band Brass Choir Brass Choir and Organ Brass Choir/Timpani Brass Duet Brass Ensemble Brass Ensemble and Guitar Brass Ensemble/Timpani Brass Octet Brass Octet/Percussion Brass Quartet Brass Quartet with Optional Descant Brass Quartet/Organ Brass Quartet/Organ/Percussion/Narrator Brass Quartet/Timpani Brass Quintet Brass Quintet and Organ Brass Quintet and Percussion Brass Quintet with Optional Organ/Opt. Handbell Choir/Opt. SATB Chorus Brass Quintet with Optional Percussion Brass Quintet/Organ with optional Percussion Brass Quintet/Timpani/Organ Brass Quintet/Voice/Guitars or Organ Brass Septet Brass sextet Brass Trio C C Flute/Piano C Instrument C Instrument/Piano C Instrumental Solo/Piano C Instruments - Lead Sheet C Lead Sheet C Lead Sheet BC C Melody Sax/Piano C or B-flat Trumpet/Piano C or F Recorder/Guitar C Pipe/Any Instrument C Pipe/Tabor C Recorder/Guitar C Trumpet/Alto Saxophone/Piano C Trumpet/Organ C Trumpet/Piano C Trumpet/Violin/Organ Celllo/Strings Cello Cello / Piano Reduction Cello and basso continuo Cello and Harpsichord Cello and Organ Cello and Piano Cello and Piano or Organ Cello Duet Cello Duo Cello Ensemble Cello or Bassoon/Piano Cello or Flugelhorn Cello or Flute Cello or String Trio Cello piccolo and Piano or Organ Cello Quartet Cello Quintet Cello Sextet Cello Solo Cello Studies Cello/Continuo Cello/Continuo/Piano Cello/Guitar Cello/Harp Cello/Orchestra Cello/Organ Cello/Piano Chamber Orchestra Chamber winds with Timpani Children and Youth Choir Children and Youth Choir/Percussion/any Melody Instrument/Piano Children and Youth Choir/Piano Children and Youth or Female Choir Children and Youth or Female Choir/Piano Children Voice/Piano Children's Choir Children's Choir/Cello Children's Choir/Flute/Percussion Children's Choir/Percussion Children's Choir/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Percussion/Piano Children's Choir/Recorder/Tambourine/Piano Children's Choir/Tambourine/Piano Choir Choir and Piano Choir or Children's Choir Choir or Male Choir Choir/2 Violins/Continuo Choir/Brass Ensemble Choir/Brass Quartet Choir/Brass Quintet/Bells Choir/Cello Choir/Ensemble Choir/Flute/Piano Choir/Guitar Choir/Instruments Choir/Lute Choir/Orchestra Choir/Organ Choir/Organ or Harmonium Choir/Organ/Strings Choir/Piano Choir/Piano or Harp Choir/Piano or Organ Choir/Piano/Organ Choir/Piccolo/Percussion/Organ/Guitar Choir/String Quintet Choir/strings Chorus and Orchestra Chorus and Piano Clarinet Clarinet 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Saxophone 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Trumpet 4/Piano Clarinet 4/Trumpet4 /Trombone 4/Piano Clarinet 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Saxophone 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Trombone 5/Piano Clarinet 5/Trumpet 5/Piano Clarinet and Piano Clarinet Choir Clarinet Duet Clarinet Ensemble clarinet in Bb (viola) and guitar Clarinet in Bb and Piano Clarinet or Saxophone Clarinet Quartet Clarinet Solo Clarinet Studies Clarinet Trio Clarinet/2 Violins/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Clarinet/Basset Horn/Piano Clarinet/Bassoon Clarinet/Bassoon/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Bassoon/Harpsichord Clarinet/Bassoon/Horn Clarinet/Bassoon/Horn/Cello/Double Bass Clarinet/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Horn/Piano Clarinet/Lead Sheet Clarinet/Orchestra Clarinet/Piano Clarinet/String Quartet Clarinet/Strings Clarinet/Two Trumpets/Violin/Viola/Cello Clarinet/Viola/Piano Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piano Clarinet/Vocal/Piano Classical Guitar Studies Classroom Songs: Piano/Vocal/Guitar Concert Band Conductor Score Congregational Singing Continuo Cornet (Trumpet) Cornet or Trombone/Piano Cornet or Trumpet Cornet or Trumpet/Piano Cornet/Piano Cornet/String Quartet D Pipe or any Instrument D Pipe/Tabor Dance Orchestra Descant Recorder and Piano Developing Band Dixieland Band Double Bass Double Bass and Organ Double Bass and Piano Double Bass Solo/String Ensemble Double Bass Studies Double Bass Trios/Quartets Double Bass/Organ or Harmonium Double Bass/Piano Double Brass Choir Double Brass Quintet Double Choir Double Choir/Organ Double Chorus Double Chorus/Piano Double Reed Quartet Double Reed Trio Drums Duet and Piano Duet/Piano Dulcimer Method E-flat Cornet/Brass Band E-flat Instruments - Lead Sheet E-flat Lead Sheet E-flat Saxophone/Piano Early Elementary /Elementary Piano Early Elementary Piano Early Intermediate Piano Early Intermediate Piano/Vocal Easy Guitar Easy Guitar Tab Easy Guitar Tab/Chords Easy Guitar Tab/Vocal Easy Guitar Tab/Vocal/Chords Easy Guitar/Chords Easy Guitar/Vocal Easy Guitar/Vocal/Chords Easy Organ Easy Organ/Vocal Easy Piano Easy Piano/Chords Easy Piano/Vocal Easy Piano/Vocal/Chords Easy Two Pianos Eb Alto Clarinet/Piano Eb Alto Sax/Piano Eb Alto Saxophone Eb AltoSaxophone/Piano Eb Baritone Sax/Piano Eb Instrumental Solo/Piano Eb Lead Sheet Eb Saxophone and Piano Eb Trumpet/Piano Eight Hands Eight-part Mixed Chorus Eight-part Mixed Chorus/Piano Elementary / Late ElementaryPiano Elementary Piano Elementary/Intermediate Piano English Horn and Piano English Horn and Piano or Organ English Horn or Viola and Piano or Organ English Horn/3 Bassoons English Horn/Harp/Strings English Horn/Percussion English Horn/Piano English Horn/String Quartet English Horn/Strings English Horn/Vibraphone/Harp English Horn/Viola/Tuba Ensemble Euphonium Euphonium / Tuba duet with Woodwind Ensemble Euphonium Duet Euphonium Duet/Piano Euphonium Ensemble Euphonium or Bassoon Duet Euphonium or Trombone Duet Euphonium or Trombone/Piano Euphonium Quartet Euphonium Solo Euphonium Solo with Piano Euphonium Solo with Tuba Quartet Euphonium Solo/Brass Quintet Euphonium Trio Euphonium/Brass Ensemble Euphonium/Organ Euphonium/Piano Euphonium/Piano or Organ Euphonium/Trombone Duet Euphonium/Trombone Studies Euphonium/Tuba Euphonium/Tuba Duet Euphonium/Tuba Quartet Euphonium/Tuba Sextet Euphonium/Tuba Solo with Piano Euphonium/Tuba Trio Euphonium/Tuba/Piano F Horn F Horn/Organ F Instrumental Solo/Piano F Recorder and Piano F Recorder/Guitar Female and Boy Chorus Female Chorus Female Chorus/2 Saxophones/Piano 4 Hands Female Chorus/B-flat Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano Female Chorus/Narrator/Piano Female Chorus/Oboe/Strings Female Chorus/Orchestra Female Chorus/Organ Female Chorus/Organ/Piano Female Chorus/Piano Female Chorus/Strings Female Chorus/Strings/Organ Female or Male Choir Female Voices/Piano Fiddle Fiddle and Piano Fife First Plus Band Five Finger Piano Five Finger Piano/Vocal Five-part Mixed Chorus Five-part Mixed Chorus or Vocal Quintet Five-part Mixed Chorus/Harpsichord Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Piano Flugelhorn or Trumpet/Vibraphone Flugelhorn/Piano Flute Flute & Chamber Ensemble Flute & Piano Flute / Guitar Tab Flute 1 & 2 and ( Alto Voice and ( Organ and Continuo )) Flute and guitar Flute and Piano Flute and Piano or Organ Flute and Trumpet Flute Duet Flute Duet or Oboe Duet Flute Ensemble Flute or Alto Flute Flute or Oboe Flute or Oboe Duet Flute or Oboe or Clarinet or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe or Clarinet/Continuo Flute or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute or Oboe or Violin/Piano Flute or Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Flute or Oboe/Continuo Flute or Oboe/Organ Flute or Oboe/Violin/Continuo Flute or Recorder or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute or Recorder/Piano Flute or Tinwhistle Flute or Violin and Piano or Organ Flute or Violin or Viola/Piano Flute or Violin/Cello/Harpsichord or Piano Flute or Violin/Continuo Flute or Violin/Guitar Flute or Violin/Harpsichord Flute or Violin/Piano Flute or Violin/Viola da Gamba or Cello/Continuo Flute or Violin/Viola/Continuo Flute or Violin/Viola/Guitar Flute Quartet Flute Solo Flute Solo w/Piano Accomp. Flute Studies Flute Trio Flute/2 Marimbas Flute/A Clarinet/Piano Flute/Alto Flute/Frequency Flute/Alto Saxophone/F Horn/ Double Bass/Piano Flute/Alto Saxophone/Piano Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Percussion/Piano/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/B-flat Clarinet/Strings Flute/Bassoon Flute/Bassoon/Piano Flute/Cello/Continuo Flute/Cello/Harp Flute/Cello/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon/Horn/Tuba Flute/Clarinet/Bassoon/Viola/Cello/Double Bass Flute/Clarinet/Harp/String Quartet Flute/Clarinet/Horn Flute/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano Flute/Clarinet/Xylophone/Strings Flute/Continuo Flute/Continuo/Cello Flute/Continuo/Piano Flute/Double Bass Flute/English Horn/Guitar Flute/Flute or Violin/Continuo Flute/Guitar Flute/Guitar Tab Flute/Harp Flute/Harp and Orchestra Flute/Harp/Cello Flute/Harp/Piano Flute/Harpsichord Flute/Harpsichord or Piano Flute/Horn/Piano Flute/Marimba/Percussion Flute/Oboe Flute/Oboe or Violin/Continuo Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet Flute/Oboe/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Flute/Oboe/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Trumpet/Bassoon Flute/Oboe/Piano Flute/Oboe/Viola/Cello/Glass Harmonica or Piano Flute/Oboe/Violin/Viola/Cello Flute/Orchestra Flute/Organ Flute/Percussion/Narrator Flute/Piano Flute/Piano or Harp Flute/Piano/Cello Flute/String Quartet Flute/String Trio Flute/String Trio/Piano Flute/Strings/Continuo Flute/Trumpet/Trombone/Harp/Celesta/Violin/Cello Flute/Tuba Flute/Vibraphone/Marimba Flute/Viola Flute/Viola or Cello/Harp Flute/Viola or Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/Cello/Piano Flute/Viola/Continuo Flute/Viola/DoubleBass Flute/Viola/Guitar Flute/Viola/Harp Flute/Viola/Piano Flute/Violin or Viola d'Amore/Continuo Flute/Violin/Cello Flute/Violin/Continuo Flute/Violin/Continuo/Piano Flute/Violin/Harp Flute/Violin/Harpsichord or Piano Flute/Violin/Piano Flute/Violin/Piano/Continuo Flute/Violin/Piano/Strings Flute/Violin/Viola Flute/Violin/Viola da Gamba/Continuo Flute/Violin/Viola/Cello Flute/Violin/Viola/Cello/Harp Flute/Violin/Viola/Continuo Flute/Violin/Viola/Piano Flute/Wind Octet/Percussion Flutes/Trumpets/Timpani Folk Harp Solo Folk Harp/Vocal Four Female Voices Four Flutes Four Hands Four Sopranos Four Trombones Four Violins/Piano/Continuo Four Voices Four-part Chorus Four-part Female Chorus Four-part Female Chorus/Piano Four-part Female Chorus/Two Horns/Harp Four-part Male Chorus Four-part Male Chorus/Piano Four-part Mixed Chorus Four-part Mixed Chorus/Continuo Four-part Mixed Chorus/Lute/Piano Four-part Mixed Chorus/Orchestra Four-part Mixed Chorus/Organ Four-part Mixed Chorus/Piano Four-part Mixed Chorus/Strings Four-part Mixed Chorus/Strings/Continuo Four-part Mixed Chorus/Strings/Organ French Horn/Piano Full Concert Band Full Orchestra Full Score G Pipe or any Instrument G Pipe/Tabor Girls' Choir Glass Harmonica Guitar Guitar (7 String) Guitar Chord Chart Guitar Duo Guitar Method Guitar Quartet Guitar Sheet Guitar Solo Guitar Solo (unaccompanied) Guitar Solo (with optional accompaniment) Guitar Studies Guitar Tab Guitar Tab (2) Guitar Tab (3) Guitar Tab Legend Guitar Tab/2 Violins Guitar Tab/Bass Guitar Tab/Bass Tab/Vocal Guitar Tab/Bass/Vocal Guitar Tab/Chords Guitar Tab/Fingerstyle Guitar Tab/Flute Guitar Tab/Organ Guitar Tab/Piano Guitar Tab/Piano/Vocal/Chords Guitar Tab/Violin Guitar Tab/Voca Guitar Tab/Vocal Guitar Tab/Vocal and Piano/Vocal/Chords Guitar Tab/Vocal/Chords Guitar/Bass Guitar/Continuo Guitar/Orchestra Guitar/Piano Guitar/Rhythm Guitar Guitar/Rythm Guitar/Bass/Drums Guitar/Rythm Guitar/Keyboard/Bass/Drum Guitar/String Ensemble Guitar/Strings Guitar/Ukulele Lead Sheet Guitar/Violin/Piano Guitar/Violin/Viola/Cello Guitar/Vocal Guitar/Vocal/Chords Guitars/Bass Handbells Harmonium Harmonium/Lyrics Harp Harp Quartet Harp Solo Harp/Chords Harp/Orchestra Harp/Organ Harp/Piano Harp/Strings Harp/Vocal/Chords Harp/Wind Quintet Harpsichord Harpsichord (Piano) Harpsichord or Organ Harpsichord/Guitar Hawaiian Guitar Hichiriki/Orchestra High voice and piano Horn Horn Duet Horn Ensemble Horn in F Horn in F and Piano Horn in F and Tuba Horn in F/Piano Horn Octet Horn or Cello/Piano Horn Quartet Horn Solo Horn Studies Horn Trio Horn/Brass Band Horn/Brass Ensemble Horn/Orchestra Horn/Organ Horn/Piano Horn/String Quartet Horn/Strings Horn/Viola Horn/Violin/Two Violas/Cello Instrument Studies Instrumental duet Instrumental or vocal solo with wind band Instrumental Quartet Instrumental Trio Instrumental/Vocal Instruments/Continuo Intermediate - Late Intermediate Piano Intermediate Piano Intermediate-Avanced Piano Intermediate/Advanced Piano Jazz Band Jazz Combo Jazz Ensemble Jazz Method Keyboard Late Elementary - Early Intermediate Piano Late Elementary Piano Late Elementary Piano Duet Late Intermediate Piano Lead Sheet Lead Sheet with Guitar Grids Lever Harp Low Brass Duet Low Brass Trio Low Brass/Piano Low Female Voice and String Quartet Low voice and piano Low Voice/Piano Lute Solo Lyrics Male Choir Male Choir and Piano Male Chorus/Cello Male Chorus/Harp/Harmonium or Organ Male Chorus/Organ Male Chorus/Piano Male or Female Chorus Mallet Percussion/Piano Mandolin Mandolin Orchestra Mandolin/Guitar/Percussion Mandolin/Piano Mandolin/Tuba Mandolin/Vocal Manuscript Paper Marimba Marimba/6 Percussions Marimba/Brass Ensemble Marimba/Orchestra Marimba/Percussion Marimba/Piano Marimba/Timpani/5 Percussions Marimba/Vibraphone Marimba/Xylophone Mechanical Organ Medium or Low Voice/Piano Melody Mezzo-soprano or Baritone Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Flute Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Flute or Cello/Piano Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Guitar Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Piano Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Piano or Organ Mezzo-soprano or Baritone/Violin or Cello/Violin or Cello/Piano Mezzo-soprano or Tenor/Piano Mezzo-Soprano/Alto and Piano Mezzo-soprano/Cello Mezzo-soprano/Flute Mezzo-soprano/Flute/Dancer Mezzo-soprano/Guitar Mezzo-soprano/Piano Mezzo-soprano/Piano or Organ Mezzo-soprano/TTBasrB Male Chorus/Viola/Organ Mid-Elementary Piano Mixed Brass Quartet Mixed choir a cappella Mixed Choir or soloists Mixed Choir/Piano Mixed Chorus Mixed Chorus/Organ Mixed Chorus/Piano Mixed Trio Mixed Voices/Organ Narrator/Ensemble No Instrument Nonet not transposable not-transposable Oboe Oboe and ( Soprano and ( Organ and Continuo )) Oboe / Piano Oboe and Bassoon Oboe and Orchestra Oboe and Piano Oboe and Piano or Organ Oboe and String Quartet Oboe d'amore Oboe d'amore and Piano or Organ Oboe d'amore or Violin and Piano or Organ Oboe da caccia (English Horn) and Piano or Organ Oboe Duo Oboe Duo/English Horn Oboe Duo/English Horn/BassoonDuo or Trio Oboe or C Clarinet/C Clarinet/Bassoon or Bass Clarinet Oboe or Clarinet/Clarinet/Basoon or Bass Clarinet Oboe or Clarinet/Piano Oboe or English Horn/Crystal Glasses/B-Flat Clarinet or E-flat Clarinet/Bassoon/Tambourine Oboe or Flute and Piano or Organ Oboe or Soprano Saxophone/Piano Oboe or Violin and Piano or Organ Oboe or Violin/Continuo Oboe or Violin/Piano Oboe Quartet Oboe Studies Oboe/B-flat Clarinet/Bassoon Oboe/Bass Clarinet/Horn Oboe/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Bassoon/String Ensemble Oboe/Cello/Bass/Harp Oboe/Cello/Harp Oboe/Chamber Orchestra Oboe/Clarinet Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon Oboe/Clarinet/French Horn/Percussion/String Quartet Oboe/Clarinet/Horn/Bassoon/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Piano Oboe/Clarinet/Violin/Viola/Double Bass Oboe/Continuo Oboe/English Horn/Bassoon Oboe/Guitar Oboe/Harp/Organ Oboe/Opt. Bassoon Oboe/Organ Oboe/Piano Oboe/Piano/Continuo Oboe/Prepared Piano/Frequency Oboe/Strings Oboe/Timpani Oboe/Viola Oboe/Viola/Bass Clarinet/Harp oboes Octet Ondes Martenot/Orchestra One Piano Optional Handbell and Trumpet Orchestra Orchestra/Organ Orchestration Studies Organ Organ and Percussion Organ and Piano Organ and Piano Duet Organ or Harmonium Organ or Harpsichord Organ or Piano Organ or Piano Solo Organ Solo Organ Solo/Choir Organ Vocal Organ with Optional Flute or Trumpet Organ with Optional Trumpet Organ/Orchestra Organ/Piano Organ/String Ensemble Organ/Vocal Organd and Piano OrganWithLyrics Pedal Harp Solo Percussion Duo Percussion Ensemble Percussion Quartet Percussion Sextet Percussion/Piano Piano Piano (Harpsichord) Solo Piano Accompaniment Piano and Cello Piano and chords Piano and Orchestra Piano and Organ Duet Piano and Voice Piano Duet Piano or Celeste Piano or Harp Piano or Harpsichord Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Piano Quartet Piano Quintet Piano Score Piano Solo Piano Solo or Guitar Piano Studies Piano Trio Piano with Lyrics Piano/Alto Saxophone Piano/Alto Saxophone/Drums Piano/Brass Band Piano/Chamber Orchestra Piano/Chords Piano/Drums Piano/Guitar/Chords Piano/Guitar/Drums Piano/Organ/Bass Guitar/Vocal/Chords Piano/Piano Reduction Piano/String Orchestra Piano/String Quartet Piano/Strings/Vocal/Chords Piano/Synth/Chords Piano/Vocal Piano/Vocal (Baritone) Piano/Vocal (Bass) Piano/Vocal (Mezzosoprano) Piano/Vocal (Soprano) Piano/Vocal (Tenor) Piano/Vocal Chords Piano/Vocal Duet/Chords Piano/Vocal/Cello Piano/Vocal/Chords Piano/Vocal/Chords and Guitar Tab/Vocal Piano/Vocal/Chords and Violin Piano/Vocal/Chords/Drums Piano/Vocal/Guitar Piano/Vocal/opt. flute Piano/Vocal/Ukulele Piano/Vocal/Violin Piano/Voice PianoTrio Piccolo Flute/Frequency Piccolo Flute/G Flute/Bass Trombone Piccolo Trumpet or Cornet/Brass Ensemble Piccolo Trumpet/Brass Ensemble Piccolo Trumpet/Harpsichord/Cello Piccolo/Piano Piccolo/Tuba Pictures Pipe Pipe/Piano Preface Psaltery Recorder Recorder Duet Recorder or Flute or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Recorder or Flute or Oboe/2 Violins/Continuo Recorder or Flute or Violin/Continuo Recorder or Flute/Continuo Recorder or Violin or Flute or Oboe/Piano Recorder or Violin/Continuo Recorder Quartet Recorder Solo Recorder/Continuo Recorder/Guitar Recorder/Harpsichord Recorder/Oboe or Flute or Violin/Continuo Recorder/Oboe or Violin/Continuo Recorder/Piano Recorder/Recorder or Oboe or Violin/Continuo Rhythm Method Rock Band SAA Female Chorus SAATB Choir SAATB or SATTB Choir SAATBB Choir SAATTB Choir SABarMTB Choir Salteri SAT Choir SAT or SAA Choir SATB SATB Choir SATB Choir and Piano SATB Choir or Piano SATB Choir/Piano SATB Choir/Piano/Chords SATB Choir/Strings SATB Chorus SATB Chorus (a capella) SATB Chorus/Lute SATB Chorus/Organ SATB Chorus/Organ/Orchestra SATB Chorus/Two Pianos SATB or Piano/Vocal SATB Quartet SATB Quartet/Harp SATB/Orchestra/Soloists SATB/Piano SATBB Choir SATTB Choir SATTBarB Choir Sax/Piano Saxophone Saxophone 4/Piano Saxophone 5/Piano Saxophone and Piano Saxophone Ensemble Saxophone or Clarinet Quartet Saxophone Quartet Saxophone Quartet/Percussion Saxophone Quintet Saxophone Quintet/Rhythm Section Saxophone Sextet Saxophone Solo Saxophone Studies Saxophone Trio Saxophone/Piano SB and Orchestra School Orchestra School Orchestra/Children's Choir SCHOTT2015 Score SEARCHANISE_IGNORE Septet Seven-part Mixed Chorus Sextet Six Sopranos Six Trumpets Six-part Mixed Chorus SMA Female Chorus Small Orchestra SMATB Choir SMATBarB Choir SMTBar Quartet/Piano Snare Drum/Piano Soli Soli/Choir/Orchestra Soli/Double Choir Soli/SATB/Orchestra Soli/SATB/Organ Soli/SATB/Piano Soli/TBarB Male Chorus/Organ Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Flute/Organ Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra Soli/TTB Male Chorus/Organ Solo a cappella Solo Cello or Euphonium and Orchestra Solo Euphonium Solo Euphonium and Brass Ensemble Solo Harp Solo Saxophone Solo Snare Drum Solo Transposable Solo Trombone Solo Tuba Solo Tuba or Euphonium Solo Tuba/Tuba Quartet Solo Violin Solo/SATB/Piano Sopranino Recorder Soprano Soprano and Piano Soprano and piano (organ) Soprano Duet and Piano Soprano or Alto Recorder/Piano Soprano or Alto Recorder/Piano/Cello Soprano or Alto Saxophone Soprano or Alto/Guitar Soprano or Mezzo-soprano/Mezzo-soprano or Alto/Piano Soprano or Mezzo-soprano/Mezzo-soprano/Baritone/B-flat Trumpet Soprano or Tenor /Piano Soprano or Tenor/ Violin/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano or Tenor/Choir Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Orchestra Soprano or Tenor/Choir/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Guitar Soprano or Tenor/Oboe Soprano or Tenor/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano or Tenor/Piano or Organ Soprano or Tenor/Piano/Organ Soprano or Tenor/Recorder Soprano or Tenor/Strings/Chime Soprano or Tenor/Violin/Cello/Piano Soprano recorder and piano Soprano Saxophone Soprano Saxophone/Piano Soprano Solo Soprano Solo/Choir Soprano Solo/Choir/Oboe/Organ Soprano Solo/Choir/Organ Soprano Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano Solo/Female Choir/Children and Youth Choir/ Horn or Flugelhorn/Harp Soprano Solo/Male Choir/Organ Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Choir/Piano Soprano Solo/Tenor Solo/Female Chorus/Lute/Hurdy-Gurdy/Percussion Soprano Solo/Three-part Female Chorus Soprano Voice and ( Violin 1 & 2 and ( Viola and ( Organ and Continuo ))) Soprano/6 to 12 Cellos Soprano/Alto Soprano/Alto Recorder/Piano/Cello Soprano/Alto/Choir Soprano/Alto/Piano Soprano/Alto/Recorder/Violin/Female Choir/Piano or Lute Soprano/Alto/Two Pianos Soprano/Baritone/Choir/Organ Soprano/Baritone/Narrator/Chamber Orchestra Soprano/Baritone/Narrator/Piano Soprano/Baritone/Piano Soprano/Bass/Choir/Organ Soprano/Bass/Continuo Soprano/Bass/Piano Soprano/Choir/Accordion or Organ Soprano/Choir/Percussion Soprano/Clarinet/Piano Soprano/Continuo Soprano/English Horn Soprano/Harp Soprano/Male Choir/Chamber Orchestra Soprano/Male Choir/Piano Soprano/Mezzo-soprano/ Tenor/Orchestra Soprano/Oboe/Horn/Two Violins/Viola/Continuo Soprano/Orchestra Soprano/Organ Soprano/Piano Soprano/Piano (reduction) Soprano/Piano/Organ Soprano/Piano/Percussion Soprano/SAATBB Chorus/Piano Soprano/SATB/Piano Soprano/Soprano or Tenor/Piano Soprano/SSA/Four Horns/Two Bassoons Soprano/String Quartet Soprano/Strings Soprano/Strings/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Bass/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Bass/Orchestra Soprano/Tenor/Choir Soprano/Tenor/Orchestra Soprano/Tenor/Piano Soprano/Tenor/Strings/Continuo Soprano/Tenor/Strings/Organ Soprano/Trumpet/Organ Soprano/Two Pianos Soprano/Viola/Cello Soprano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Piano SSA Choir and Continuo SSA Choir and Piano SSA Female Chorus SSA Female Chorus/Harp SSA/Piano or Organ/Strings (ad lib.) SSAA Female Chorus SSAA Female Chorus/Piano SSAA/Orchestra/Organ SSAATB Choir SSAATTBB Choir SSAATTBB Choir/Piano SSATTB Choir SSB and Three Basset Horns SSTT and Piano SSTTBB Choir SSTTBB Choir and Piano SSTTBB/Piano STB Choir STB Choir/Violin/Cello/Piano String Duo String Ensemble String Octet String Orchestra String Orchestra and Rhythm Section String Orchestra or Quartet String Orchestra/Percussion String Quartet String Quartet or String Orchestra String Quartet with Optional Flute String Quartet with Optional Flute/Oboe String Quartet with Optional Trumpet String Quartet/Piano String Quintet String Quintet (Variable Instrumentation) String Sextet String Trio Strings Strings and 2 Horns Strings and 2 Oboe and Bassoon Strings and Continuo Strings/Continuo Strings/Percussion Strings/Piano Study Score Symphonic Band Symphonic Orchestra Symphony Orchestra Tabor TB Choir and Organ (Piano) TBarB Male Chorus Tenor Tenor and ( Violins and ( Organ and Continuo )) Tenor and Organ (Piano) Tenor and Piano Tenor or Baritone/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Soprano/Flute or Piccolo/Violin/Bassoon/Piano Tenor or Baritone/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Percussion Tenor or Baritone/Violin/Flute/F Basset Horn/Piano Tenor or Soprano/Piano Tenor sax in Bb and Piano Tenor Sax Solo Tenor Sax/Piano Tenor Sax/Piano/Organ/Chords Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone and Piano Tenor Saxophone or Basset Horn/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Piano Tenor Saxophone/Trombone/Rhythm Section Tenor Solo and Piano Tenor Solo/Children's Choir/Chamber Orchestra Tenor Solo/Choir Tenor Solo/Male Chorus Tenor Voice Tenor Voice and Organ (Piano) Tenor Voice and Piano Tenor/Baritone/Cello/Piano Tenor/Baritone/TTB Male Choir/Organ Tenor/Bass/ATB Choir/Organ or Piano Tenor/Bass/ATTB Chorus/Orchestra Tenor/Bass/Continuo Tenor/Bass/Piano Tenor/Bass/SATB Choir Tenor/Bass/Two Pianos Tenor/Cello/Piano Tenor/Choir Tenor/Female Chorus/Piano Tenor/Flute/Orchestra Tenor/Flute/Piano or Organ Tenor/Guitar/Bass Tenor/Orchestra Tenor/Organ Tenor/Piano Tenor/Two Basses/Orchestra Tenor/Two Pianos Text Document Three Guitars Three Voices Three Voices/Piano Three Women's Voices/Piano Three-part Choir Three-part Female Chorus Three-part Male Chorus/Piano Three-part Mixed Chorus Three-part Mixed Chorus/3 Basset Horns Three-part Mixed Chorus/Continuo Three-part Mixed Chorus/Piano Timpani Timpani/Frequency Timpani/Percussion Quintet Timpani/Piano Tin Whistle/Percussion transposable Transverse Flute or Flute/Harpsichord or Piano Treble recorder and basso continuo Treble recorder and Piano Trio Trio Sonata Triple Choir/Piano Triple Harp Trombone Trombone 4/Piano Trombone 5/Piano Trombone and Piano Trombone Choir Trombone Duet Trombone Ensemble Trombone Octet Trombone or Baritone/Piano Trombone or Euphonium/Piano Trombone or Tenor Saxophone or Bass Clarinet/Piano Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet and Piano Trombone Quartet/Piano Trombone Quintet Trombone Sextet Trombone Solo Trombone Trio Trombone/Euphonium Duet with Piano Trombone/Orchestra Trombone/Organ or Piano Trombone/Piano Trombone/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trombone/Tuba Duet with Piano Trumpet Trumpet (C) Trumpet 4/Piano Trumpet 4/Saxophone 4/Piano Trumpet 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Saxophone 5/Piano Trumpet 5/Trombone 5/Piano Trumpet and Piano Trumpet and Piano or Organ Trumpet Choir Trumpet Duet Trumpet Duet/Piano Trumpet Ensemble Trumpet in Bb and Piano Trumpet Octet Trumpet or Cornet/Brass Ensemble Trumpet or Cornet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet or Euphonium & Tuba Trumpet or Euphonium Duet Trumpet or Flute or Violin/2 Guitars Trumpet or Oboe/Piano Trumpet Quartet Trumpet Quintet Trumpet Septet Trumpet Sextet Trumpet Solo Trumpet Solo or Clarinet Solo Trumpet Solo with Brass Quintet Trumpet Studies Trumpet Trio Trumpet Trio and Piano Trumpet Trio/Piano Trumpet/Brass Band Trumpet/Chamber Orchestra Trumpet/Concert Band Trumpet/Cornet and Piano Trumpet/Double Wind Quintet/Bass Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Brass Band Trumpet/Euphonium Solo with Concert Band Trumpet/Frequency Trumpet/Harpsichord/Cello Trumpet/Horn/Trombone Trumpet/Organ Trumpet/Piano Trumpet/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Trumpet/Piano/Vocal Trumpet/Tenor Saxophone/Piano/Electric Bass Trumpet/Trombone/Piano Trumpet/Violin TTB Choir and Piano TTB Male Chorus TTB Male Chorus/Orchestra TTB Male Chorus/Organ TTB Male Chorus/Piano or Harp TTBB Choir TTBB Choir and Four Horns TTBB Choir and Piano TTBB Choir/Piano TTBB Chorus/Piano TTBB Male Chorus TTBB/Piano TTTTBarBB Male Chorus Tuba Tuba and Orchestra Tuba and piano Tuba Duet Tuba Ensemble Tuba Method Tuba or Euphonium Solo Tuba Quartet Tuba Quartet with optional Chimes Tuba Quartet with optional Drums Tuba Quartet/Piano/Drums Tuba Quintet Tuba Solo Tuba Solo with Brass Choir Tuba Studies Tuba Trio Tuba/Euphonium Choir Tuba/Euphonium Quartet Tuba/Euphonium Sextet Tuba/Organ Tuba/Piano Tuba/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Tuba/Tam Tam/Bass Drum Two Basset Horns and Bassoon Two Cellos Two Clarinets Two Clarinets and Three Basset Horns Two Euphoniums/Piano Two Flutes Two Flutes or Two Violins/Continuo Two Flutes or Violins/Two Bassoons or Cellos Two Flutes/Cello Two Flutes/Piano Two Flutes/Violin/String Orchestra Two Horns Two Horns/Strings Two Oboes and Piano or Organ Two Piano Two Pianos Two Pianos/Strings Two Piccolos/Piano Two Recorders/Piano Two Sopranos/Alto/Piano Two Sopranos/Bass/Orchestra Two Sopranos/Piano Two Trombones Two Trumpets in C and Organ Two Violas Two Violins Two Violins and Piano or Organ Two Violins/Bassoon Two Violins/Cello Two Violins/Piano Two Violins/Two Violas/Continuo Two Violins/Viola Two Voices Two Voices/Piano Two-part Chorus/Organ Two-part Chorus/Piano Two-part Mixed Chorus Ukulele Ukulele Tab/Vocal/Chords Ukulele/Tab/Vocal Ukulele/Tab/Vocal/Chords Ukulele/Vocal Unaccompanied Clarinet Unaccompanied Violin Vibraphone Vibraphone/Cello/Strings Vibraphone/Piano Vioin and Piano Viola Viola and Cello Viola and Piano Viola and Piano or Organ Viola d'Amore and Piano Viola d'Amore/Harpsichord Viola da Gamba/Piano Viola Duet Viola or Violin/Piano Viola Quartet Viola Solo Viola Studies Viola/Cello Viola/Cello/Harpsichord Viola/Double Bass Viola/Guitar Viola/Harp Viola/Harp/Organ Viola/Orchestra Viola/Organ Viola/Piano Viola/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord or Harp Violin Violin (Cello) and Piano Violin and Basso continuo Violin and Cello Violin and Guitar violin and harpsichord (piano); cello (viola da gamba) ad lib. Violin and Piano Violin and Piano or Organ Violin and String Orchestra Violin and Viola Violin Duet Violin or Cello and Piano or Organ Violin or Cello/Piano Violin or Cello/Piano/Harmonium or Organ/ Cello II Ad. Lib. Violin or Flute and Piano or Organ Violin or Flute/Cello/Piano Violin or Flute/Piano Violin or Oboe d'amore and Piano or Organ Violin or Oboe/Bassoon or Cello/Continuo Violin or Viola and Piano or Organ Violin Quartet Violin Solo Violin Studies Violin/2 Violas/Continuo Violin/B-flat Clarinet/Piano Violin/Cello Violin/Cello/Continuo Violin/Cello/Piano Violin/Clarinet/Piano Violin/Continuo Violin/Guitar Violin/Guitar/Cello Violin/Harp Violin/Harpsichord Violin/Horn/Continuo Violin/Horn/Piano Violin/Oboe/Continuo Violin/Orchestra Violin/Organ Violin/Piano Violin/Piano or Organ Violin/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Violin/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord or Harp Violin/Piano/Orchestra Violin/Piano/Suspended Cymbal Violin/Strings Violin/Strings/Continuo Violin/Trumpet/Double Bass Violin/Viola Violin/Viola da Gamba/Continuo/Cello Violin/Viola or Violin/Guitar Violin/Viola/Cello Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass/Piano Violin/Viola/Cello/Guitar Violin/Viola/Harp Violin/Viola/Oboe/Clarinet/Double Bass Violin/Viola/Piano violins) Violoncello Solo Vocal Vocal Duet Vocal Duet & Piano Vocal duet and piano Vocal Duet/Piano Vocal Method Vocal Method (Voice and Piano) Vocal or Choir/Piano or Organ Vocal Quintet or Chamber Choir (SMATBar) Vocal Score Vocal Solo Vocal Studies Vocal/Chords Vocal/Recorder/Guitar Vocal/Violin Vocals/Flute/Alto Flute/Percussion/Guitar Ensemble/Frequency Voice Voice / Seven-string Guitar Voice and Continuo Voice and Orchestra Voice and piano Voice/2 Recorders/Guitar Voice/Bass Voice/Chamber Orchestra Voice/Choir/Ensemble Voice/Choir/Organ Voice/Continuo Voice/Ensemble Voice/Flute/Clarinet/Strings/Piano Voice/Guitar Voice/Guitar or Piano Voice/Harp Voice/Lute or Organ Voice/Male Choir/Piano Voice/Orchestra Voice/Organ Voice/Piano Voice/Piano or Organ Voice/Piano or Organ or Harpsichord Voice/Piano Trio Voice/Piano/Continuo Voice/Recorder/Cello Voice/String Quartet (opt.)/Piano Voice/Viola Voices/Flutes/1 or more Guitars/Percussion/Freqency Voilin Wind and String Ensemble Wind Ensemble Wind Octet Wind Quartet Wind Quartet (oboe/Clarinet/French Horn/Bassoon) Wind Quartet/Piano Wind Quartet/Tape Wind Quintet Wind Quintet/Orchestra Wind Quintet/String Quintet Wind Quintet/Xylophone Wind Trio Woodwind Ensemble Woodwind Ensemble/Harpsichord Woodwind Quartet Woodwind Quintet Woodwind Trio Woodwind Trio/Piano Xylophone/Piano Xylophones/Piano Young Band